Roundabout is Sheffield’s youth homeless charity, providing shelter, support and life skills to young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


Research shows the main reason young people become homeless is because of a breakdown in family relationships. We strongly believe that home is the best place for young people to be if it is safe to be there and work hard to help young people and their families to stay together.


When that isn’t possible, we try to prevent a young person from becoming homeless by providing appropriate accommodation, support and life skills to live an independent life.


Every day Roundabout supports more than 150 young people who access our accommodation services and we also work with more than 2500 secondary school students every year through our Peer Education and Mediation Services to inform them of our services and ultimately prevent them

from becoming homeless. This year alone 470 young people came through our doors for housing advice at our Homeless Prevention Service.


Roundabout’s key aim is to end youth homelessness in the Sheffield City Region, so no young person experiences, or re-experiences homelessness. We will use the funds raised through Bangers and Cash to extend our homeless prevention work in schools, increase our mediation services for young

people and their families and advise more young people through our drop-in advice service.


By supporting Bangers and Cash you can help us to reach more young people in need in the Sheffield City Region. The funds raised will enable us to identify and work with more young people who need our help.


Together we can #EndYouthHomelessness.


Learn more about Roundabout at www.roundabouthomeless.org




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