Team 1 :  Goo Design 'Team Goo'


Matt's the artist with the crazy idea of this rally in the first place so taking part leading from the front in one of the most exciting projects he's ever worked on has now become a reality with his teammates, Richard, Rob, Adam, Nathan, Chris and Aidy they will be rotating between 2 cars which Matt has painted.


This car, in particular, a Sheffield Wednesday themed car as they have kindly sponsored Team Goo so we have 4 owls and a blade taking the owl into Europe for the first time since 1995.


Glyn is aptly named after his number plate and has taken on the nickname Gypo Glyn, not the best car mechanically in this rally but it definitely will be the comfiest for those first 2 long days on the road.


Team 2 :  Roundabout - sponsored by Julie Kenny

Ben Keegan (CEO), Neil Marshall (Group Living Team Leader) and Jonny Edwards (Homeless Prevention Worker) all work for Roundabout. They have all seen first-hand the difference that this charity makes to the lives of vulnerable young people at risk of homelessness every single day. They are all passionate about the work that Roundabout does and the importance of early intervention to prevent people from becoming homeless where possible. Fundraising is vital in helping Roundabout to keep doing this, so the money raised from Bangers and Cash will go towards expanding our Homeless Prevention work across South Yorkshire.  They are excited to be taking part in the adventure and are daunted by the prospect of the car not making it, but primarily they're looking forward to raising much needed funds to ensure Roundabout can keep on doing the valuable work they do.



Team 3 :  Heist Craft 'Team Heist'

Company Directors Adam and Dan decided to take part as they didn’t feel they had enough on their hands with running a bar, managing a business, setting up a brewery, cuckoo brewing, brewing with international breweries, event organising and setting up a portable bar business, so they added fundraising into this mix for good measure! Plus a trip across Europe in a clapped out banger with the risk of braking down/being stranded in potential sub zero temperatures, in the middle of nowhere, was hard to refuse.  But then, this risk was exactly the reason behind supporting the Roundabout charity.  Some people don’t have the choice when it comes to exposing themselves to being stranded, let alone in minus temperatures with nothing to keep them warm - not even the shelter of a car.  This once in a lifetime opportunity, along with the thought of being able to impact the way someone else's life is given more opportunity, was a no brainer.

Heist are hoping to lead the race from the beginning to the end, not because they'll have the best car or the fastest, but because they’ll be carrying beer supplies (For non drivers) and Yorkshire Crisps to give away FOR FREE, along the way…Tactics or what?!



Team 4 :  Evolution Power Tools Ltd 'Better Late Than Never' www.evolutionpowertools.com
Matt, Wade and Chris from Evolution Power Tools make up the ‘Better Late Than Never’ team! They’re extremely passionate about the charity, Roundabout, and feel that spreading awareness of this is crucial. As self-confessed petrol heads, they’re excited for the Bangers and Cash rally as it combines their passion for cars whilst raising funds to support young people at risk of homelessness. Let’s hope they don’t live up to their team name and arrive in Monte Carlo before the end of the year!



Team 5 :  Evolution Power Tools Ltd - Evolution RAGE www.evolutionpowertools.com
We’re 3 employees from Evolution who are all knowledgeable and share a deep interest in cars and motorbikes. That’s why we bought a 17 year old Jag…yep, could we have a lift from J34 to Monaco please.



Team 6 :  Hamilton Plant

Team Hamilton Plant consists of Tom, Charles and Ross. Tom is the fourth generation to be heading up Hamilton Plant Hire and when he’s not managing machines for the construction industry, he’s a full-time dad to two. Ross also has a beautiful baby boy and wakes up every morning with great joy and excitement of wanting to go directly back to sleep. Sounds like Charles will be doing most of the driving while the two new fathers are catching up on their sleep! Tom is a French speaker and Charles speaks a bit too, which could come in handy, n’est pas?



Team 7 :  Signs Express (sheffield)

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the team’s sponsors Steve and Carol Morris, are unable to take part. The new team consists of Richard, Daniel and Rehmat…


Our 3 man team are all close friends and we’ve been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to be part of the rally, representing Signs Express. We’re all excited about the adventure ahead and are keen to raise as much as we can for Roundabout!.



Team 8 :  Horbury Group

Trevor and Gavin have both done a number of long-distance drives in the past are delighted to be able to combine this with supporting such a worthwhile cause. How can you beat driving through some of most beautiful countries in the world, in classic cars (old bangers!), raising money for a most deserving charity whilst being part of a mobile art exhibition?



Team 9 :  Banks Pottery - 'The Drinks Cabinnit'

Nick Banks, James Coupe, Richard Bailey - a soundclash of musicians from the Everly Pregnant Brothers and the Big Shambles. Look out for Manhattan Flapjack, Copper Bottom and Butter Boy.



Team 10 :  Gripple Ltd - 'Gripple Gumballs'

Three young engineers with a passion for cars. If these guys can't fix any issues then no one can!



Team 11 :  Advanced Metal Innovation Co 'Crocodile Scrap-ee'

Steve is a car fanatic a hoarder of all things car related – from a Mystery Machine, to a Dolomite Sprint, he has spent many hours watching ‘Wheeler Dealers’ so a handy man to have at the wheel.  Anya is a huge Formula 1 fan, and being half-German, she is will be looking to take the chequered flag in Monte Carlo. Emma is an out and proud scrap geek and can regularly be found skimming through ‘Skip Weekly’. She manages everything to do with transport and knows her way around lorries, van’s, reliant robins, and various other vehicles



Team 12 :  Whitehornes Estate Agents 'Team Whitehornes'

1 car, 2 locations, a team of 3 and 4 days driving. What could possibly go wrong!?



Team 13 :  Fine & Country 'The Unreliants'

David, Joe and Charles have known and worked with each other for years. They have been on wild adventures together, like a road trip across America, so a few days together squeezed into a Robin Reliant will be a breeze.



Team 14 :  DLA Piper 'Team DLAP'

Ross Galbraith, Amanda Pilkington and Isaac Evans are Team DLAP.



Team 15 :  BBC Radio Sheffield 'Team Toby BBC Radio Sheffield'

Producers Toby Foster presenter of the breakfast show on BBC Radio Sheffield and producers Amy Nagy and Dan Green are taking part in the the rally.


"We are really excited to be taking part in the rally for this Children in Need supported project - it’s going to be a great adventure. We’ve started looking for an old banger I’ve suggested a hearse, Dan wants an ice cream van and Amy is after something a bit more practical. Watch this space!"



Team 16 :  SDE Group - 'British Bulldogs'


The roving rackers  from Chesterfield have just one thought for this rally “Individuals can and do make a difference – but it takes a team to really mess things up”



Team 17 :  The In-Laws - The In-Laws'

The team consists of Barry Gale and Gregor Whitehorne who are brother-in-laws and Mark Burgess who is Barry Gale’s son-in-law - hence, The In-Laws!



Team 18 :  Plusnet - 'Team Plusnet'


The Chief Executive of Plusnet and two Directors are heading to Monte Carlo in September! Andy Baker, Paula Smith and Sarah Lawton are excited to be heading off on a once in a lifetime adventure to help end youth homelessness.



Team 19 :  Goo Design - 'The Blob'


Team Goo's 2nd car kindly donated by Simon Holland Motors will have 2 main drivers Chris and Aidy and a passenger rotation from Matt's other Goo car, it'll be a tight squeeze in the back of a little Citroen C1 named "The Blob"


The car already had its name when we got it and thought it would hurt his feeling if we changed his name like when people adopt pets and change their name.


Special thanks to Steel City Living, Zoo Digital and S18 Face Clinic for kindly sponsoring our car.



Team 20 :  Evolution Power Tools Ltd - 'Fury'


Evolution Team “Fury” comprises Adrian Challis, Tim Lawrenson and Diane Willoughby. Having procured a Jaguar that needs a new engine, the Fury has already started! Of course, this is the nature of having a  banger and is all part of the special journey we have embarked upon. We will however gather ourselves and deal with such adversity….much easier when at home rather than on the French roadside!

Bangers and Cash is an epic adventure with plenty of fun enroute and is all in support of a great cause. Everyone is a winner.




Team 21 :  Henry Boot Construction - 'Team Henry Boot'


Team members David Woodhouse and Richard Grafton will be setting off on the four-day journey from Sheffield to Monte Carlo in a 2004 MG, with a bonnet design by geometric graphic artist Rob Lee. As head of Policy and Compliance, Richard will be keen to ensure all risks are assessed, particularly when crossing the Alps in 15 year old car and competing with the super cars in Monte Carlo. Dave, on the other hand, is taking a more pragmatic view and is just hoping Britain’s finest example of car engineering will see them through to the end!




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