The Rally

• Businesses and individuals are invited to register to take part.


• Rally teams will be made up of a maximum of three people.


• Artists submit designs for car bonnets to choose from.


• Teams purchase a car and choose a bonnet design from our shortlist.


• Artists submit designs for car bonnets for the rally teams to choose from.


• The bonnets will be exhibited in a prominent location in Sheffield featuring a plaque with your corporate or team branding.


• On 14th September 2023 the teams will meet at a central location and convoy out of the city,

beginning their Bangers and Cash journey.


•   Teams check into different locations, earning points by completing challenges en route.


•   Once in Munich we will celebrate our achievements at an awards ceremony in the city centre.


•   The bonnets will return to Sheffield after the rally to be auctioned off for Roundabout.









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